SDS Optic

Marcin Staniszewski

SDS Optic Sp. z o.o., based in Lublin, was founded by Marcin Staniszewski, a graduate of the University of Akron (Akron, OH, USA) as a company working on optoelectronic applications. After dr hab. Magdalena Staniszewska, a longtime research worker at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA) has joined the team, the scope of activities has extended to include biological applications.
The strategy of SDS Optic is to develop, manufacture and supply to the global market unique diagnostic devices for monitoring life processes in the natural state.
The company’s intention is to develop diagnostic and monitoring procedures and solutions, including the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. SDS Optic received significant support from public funds (NCBiR) and is a member of the Lublin Medical Cluster, formed under the patronage of the Mayor of Lublin. Marcin Staniszewski, the president of the board, is a member of the Cluster Council.
SDS Optic has developed an innovative and globally unique technology of diagnostics and monitoring of live tissue in vivo (in the patient’s body). The company will manufacture a dedicated diagnostic device – a breast cancer microprobe, with particular emphasis on HER2 marker measurement.
The innovative SDS diagnostic device captured wide interest of oncologists and other specialists. The exceptional accuracy of the generated test results enables future broad commercial and scientific applications.

The INNOventure investment in the amount of PLN 3 million will enable SDS Optic to calibrate its device for the needs of clinical trials. At the moment, the company is creating a plan for a biological laboratory that is necessary for further research. Thanks to funds from INNOventure the laboratory will be equipped with the highest quality equipment, which will make the Polish achievements credible to foreign partners. The company plans to complete calibration and clinical trials in 2021. After this process, it will be able to make the device available to doctors and patients worldwide.