Romuald Paprzycki

If you have an accident that results in injury, pain and loss of health, one of the last things you would like in this situation is a long and complicated insurance procedure or a feeling that your claim has not been properly handled. The result of this situation may be dissatisfaction with the insurer, taking your business elsewhere or even litigation. Standard insurance claims handling tools are constructed in a way that does not protect against such a scenario. The number and efficiency of specialists assessing the effects of accidents are limited, and the evaluation process is time-consuming. The result of the assessment of the effects of injury is somewhat subjective – the assessment of identical cases by different specialists may vary. Depending on the tool used, it may also be imprecise. It can therefore raise doubts and be questioned.

The Minte.ai project aims to solve these problems with the help of artificial intelligence and a dedicated medical model. The system consists of several components. The first is the solution in the field of natural language processing. Thanks to it, the system is able to acquire data contained in medical documentation for further processing. A specific feature of the solution is the ability to process specialized medical language, optimized for insurance medicine. Then, based on data on the type, severity and extent of injuries and complications, as well as medical procedures used and other information about the incident, the mathematical medical model assesses the injuries sustained and maps them onto the terms of the insurance policy. This makes it possible to establish a composite assessment and to determine compensation proportional to it, in accordance with the general insurance terms and conditions used by the specific insurer. The model has been developed under the patronage of the Polish Association of Insurance Medicine and Polish Association of Forensic Medicine and Criminology and has been verified in practice – for example, its calculations are included in a sentence of the Polish Supreme Court. The model is based on international WHO dictionaries, and therefore its applicability is not limited to Poland.

The proposed solution has many significant advantages over the traditional ones. It creates a detailed, standardized way of describing injuries. This allows easy conversion of information into categories used by the specific insurer in their health assessment table and in line with their policy. The system automatically creates transparent claim assessment documentation. The use of a medical model allows for objective and consistent assessment, which – in conjunction with the documentation provided – gives credibility to the insurance company’s decision in the eyes of the insured. In relatively simple, standard cases, the whole process can even be self-service. In more complex cases, where the involvement of specialists is necessary, the system simplifies and speeds up their work.

Objectivity and speed are in the interest of the insured, as well as the insurance company – quick service and a sense that the amount received is objectively justified translates into customer satisfaction, and the use of the Minte.ai system means for the insurer a significant, even 50% reduction in the costs of handling claims. An extremely important feature of the Minte.ai system is the effective management of information – structured, detailed medical data for each case feeds the system and can be used both for its optimization (self-learning) and for the assessment of new insurance products. The system is installed locally or in the cloud, depending on the customer’s preferences.

The Minte.ai team has vast experience in medicine, insurance and IT:

Romuald Paprzycki (CEO) – a specialist in the field of consulting and development of IT products, a former Partner at Deloitte, with experience in software development in the field of risk management in the financial sector;

Krzysztof Grzyliński MD – has been working in the insurance industry since 1994, former President of the Board and CEO of the Polish branch of GenRe Life & Health, owner and president of KGR Ltd.;

dr Waldemar Truszkiewicz MD – expert in the field of insurance medicine, former Chief Coordinator for Standardisation and Medical Opinions in Claims at PZU, author of medical opinion standards for the insurance industry, lecturer at the Warsaw Medical University in the field of insurance medicine;

Michał Brodzki, MD, PhD – insurance medicine expert, has worked as CMO and Director of Medical Insurance Office in PZU Group, medical consultant.