What’s new with Optimo Light (formerly: Optical Electronics)?

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Recently, many interesting things are happening in our portfolio company Optical Electronics.

First of all – it’s not called Optical Electronics anymore. The company has changed its name and logo. Currently, it is called Optimo Light. The new name in a more understandable way defines what the company is doing and what is the purpose of its operation – lighting optimization. The company also has a new website:

Some time ago we informed about the full-scale OptiMo lighting test in the Budimex office building. This intelligent lighting system has been recognized and honored with the Nowy Impuls 2018 award. Since then the portfolio of completed projects has significantly expanded. It includes among others Polpharma building in Warsaw, Złote Tarasy offices in Warsaw, Stalac in Gdańsk, Węzeł Przesiadkowy Katowice (Katowice Transit Hub) and a number of other projects.

The OptiMo solution has recently received patent protection. The patent “Method for remote measurement of illumination, preferably in the application for energy-saving control of lighting”, the exclusive right number 231907, was published in Wiadomości Urzędu Patentowego (Patent Office Journal) on 30.4.2019.