We are investing in Cardiomatics

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- "Previous INNOventure investments in MedTech concentrated on the diseases that become more prevalent along with economic development: diseases of old age, cancer and diabetes. But the direct cause of nearly half of deaths in Poland are cardiovascular diseases. Poland is no exception - cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in developed countries, and probably will be in developing countries. So, trying to support projects that really change the world for the better, we decided to invest in a system that improves the diagnosis of heart diseases" - says Marcin Bielówka, managing partner in the INNOventure fund.


And he adds: “Cardiomatics is an innovative system based on machine learning algorithms for ECG analysis and interpretation, operating in the cloud. A fast, accessible and scalable system providing interpretation of ECG results solves many practical problems related to the availability of specialists and the necessity of “manual “ data analysis, especially in multi-day heart rate monitoring, which is used in the case of some cardiovascular diseases. We recognize both the relevance of the project in saving human lives, and its commercial potential.”

More information about the project can be found in our portfolio entry.