Our new investment – ARA HUB

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The ARA HUB project will allow DOOH (digital out of home) advertising operators to personalize content displayed on digital media. The heart of the system is ARA BOX (audience research and analysis box) – a multi-channel device that collects data about the nearby audience. Based on the collected data, the ARA HUB system evaluates many important parameters, including the degree of interest in the displayed advertisement, and makes decisions about which ads should be displayed at any given time.

“The system is technically interesting, in particular the impression is made by its ability to quickly synthesize data from many sources. What convinces us is the fact that this advanced technology has a clear utility for media houses and advertising media operators. “- says Marcin Bielówka, managing partner in the INNOventure fund, which he just invested in the project.

More information about the ARA HUB advertising platform project can be found in the portfolio.