Łukasz Przebinda

Personalization is one of the important reasons why online advertising is so effective. Offline advertising based on dynamically displayed content (digital out of home, DOOH) also has the potential to adjust the content to the audience – the displayed image can be freely changed. Unfortunately, these possibilities are currently not fully used. Instead, DOOH media often show ads in a pre-programmed sequence. The technical limitation is how the advertising medium is to know who is looking at it at and whether they are interested in the content being shown. Audience research and analysis box (ARA BOX) is a device used to identify the audience, whose aim is to solve this problem limiting personalization of DOOH advertising. ARA BOX is equipped with many different senses that collect data in various technologies. The collected data is transferred to the central unit of the device, which on their basis will create a portrait of the audience characteristics, by gathering as much information about them as possible – including dividing the passers-by into two groups: interested and uninterested in presented content. The collected information on the size and characteristics of the audience is also important for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising and settlements between advertisers and media owners. The ARA HUB system, consisting of the ARA BOX module and advanced software, will substantially increase the ability of DOOH carriers to adapt to the audience, and hence it will increase their effectiveness. It will also enable settlement of advertisement fees based on target audience reached, which is a stanadard in online marekting, instead of fees based on the number of screenings.

The team led by Łukasz Przebinda, Maciej Podgórny and Grzegorz Śliwa – the team has created the MyLED brand that is well known on the Polish market – has extensive knowledge and experience in the IT industry, in particular artificial intelligence and data mining.