Misje 3000

Anna Pietruszka
Jaromir Działo

The goal of the project is to create a platform offering good quality translations at a reasonable price. To achieve this two key elements are necessary: a translation engine based on neural machine translation and an extensive, multilingual community with knowledge and motivation to teach the artificial intelligence to translate.

The process ot training the AI by the community requires the coordination of many resources and processes, while maintaining the quality control over the language resources. So it is necessary to build a community of people with language knowledge that are motivated to share it and assess its quality. The basis of the community is a platform that allows you to sell and buy translations in the peer-to-peer model. On the basis of these translations, language resources will be built – pairs of words, phrases, sentences and larger texts in two languages. The user who produces new language resources will not, however, lose control over them – he will be able to manage them. For the sharing of resources he will of course be paid, and the amount will depend on the language of the text and its specialist subject. The quality of translations will be ensured by the proofreaders who will be rewarded for their work in proportion to the value of language resources that they will check and correct. The status of the proofreader will be granted and revoked based on the assessment by the community. The mechanisms of cooperation, the transfer of translation resources, the preservation of control over them by the creators, exploitation, correction and rewarding will, in order to ensure full security for all parties, be based on blockchain technology and intelligent contracts. The social generation of language resources together with the social control of their quality will allow effective teaching of translating neural networks.


The experience of the Misje3000 team includes process management in IT companies, including the translation industry, startup activity in the field of semantic text processing, management of R&D projects and commercialization of their results, investment banking and technology ventures financing, blockchain, FinTech and UX/UI.