The first round of “Development of start-ups in Eastern Poland” funding has been granted

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Last year, the INNOventure fund initiated the creation of the Unicorn Hub Starting Platform. In the process of platform creation, we have set up a great startup ecosystem that includes diverse organizations operating in south-eastern Poland that are able to efficiently support the development of new high-tech enterprises. At the beginning of 2019, the Unicorn Hub Starter Platform recruited startups for the first incubation round. Spring was very busy – both for us and, especially, for the startups being incubated – working with incubation managers and experts, developing concepts, doing research, attending workshops, giving presentations. However, the effort made in the incubation round has paid off.

Startups that have completed incubation program in a startup platform are given the opportunity to participate in the competition under sub-measure 1.1.2 “Development of startups in Eastern Poland“. A few days ago, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)  announced a list of startups that received funding in the first round of this competition. 40 applications have been submitted. As a result of the evaluation, 22 projects have received funding – in total amount of over PLN 19 million. Of the 22 winning companies, 11 come from the incubation program of the Unicorn Hub Starter Platform. From the entire pool of over PLN 19 million in financing, companies from Unicorn Hub have taken over 55%. Congratulations to the winners!

Currently, the second incubation round is underway, during which we work equally hard and hope for at least equally good results. At the same time, applications are being collected for the third incubation round. Application process will last until January 26, 2020. We invite you to apply.