Amorphis Pharma Development is working out processes for the production of stable amorphous drugs


Amorphis Pharma Development is developing its unique in the Polish market specialization in the amorphization and stabilization of pharmaceutical active substances to create drugs from the Added Value Medicines segment that have a chance for global success. Professor Marian Paluch – a shareholder of the company – has been working for several years with his team on the process of giving drugs a stable amorphous form, achieving many successes on an international scale. The amorphous form means that the active substances are more soluble and work more efficiently. A specific challenge whose technological solution has been developed by the research team of prof. Paluch is an effective process of stabilizing substances in an amorphous form in order to preserve their special characteristics.

“We are very pleased that we have spotted this research project. The research stage is very advanced – at the threshold of commercialization. Intellectual property resulting from the conducted research is protected by patents. Our task, in cooperation with the team, was to transform a research project into a business project. Our previous investment experience helped us in this – for us it is not the first process of creating a business in cooperation with the academic community, and our investment portfolio is largely made up of MedTech companies. So we were able to make not only a financial but also a know-how contribution to the project” – says Marcin Bielówka, managing partner at the INNOventure fund.

More information about the company can be found in our portfolio.