The Cardiomatics Junior Project

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Jun. 27th, 2021

Cardiac arrhythmias among children are becoming more common. Therefore, often there are indications for Holter monitoring in small patients. However, the characteristics of the heart rhythm in children have their own specific traits, including, among others, high variability and differentiation depending on age and gender. Therefore, the use of standard, “adult” heart rhythm analysis algorithms to analyze Holter records of children is likely to generate erroneous results. This necessitates the return to labor-intensive manual methods of analysis and postpones the correct diagnosis and treatment.

The solution to this problem, being developed by Cardiomatics in cooperation with the Medical University of Warsaw, is the Cardiomatics Junior Project. Until now, the artificial intelligence-based Cardiomatics system has been successful in diagnosing adult patients. Its Junior version will be trained on Holter records of pediatric patients. The results of the project will increase the quality of automatic analysis of ECG records, reduce labor intensity, and thus improve the availability of this type of medical examination.

The project is financed under the Smart Growth Operational Programme – European Regional Development Fund, and its budget is over PLN 5 million. Research and development work should be completed within three years.