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June 30th., 2021

What are Polish startups like? How many are there? What do they do? Who founds them? What is their ownership structure? What are their financial results? Taylor Economics has just published the report “Startupy technologiczne Polska 2021” (“Technology Startups – Poland 2021″), attempting to describe the population of Polish technology startups in the light of available statistical data and own research .

The report includes five case studies. One of them is Amorphis Pharma Development, an INNOventure portfolio company. The authors of the report point out that the company operates in one of the world’s leading research and development areas in pharmacology – designing amorphous forms of generic drugs. They also emphasize the company’s unique know-how in the field of the processes of drug stabilization in amorphous form and preventing their spontaneous recrystallization. “This ability to maintain the stability of amorphous drugs, resulting from the scientific know-how of prof. Marian Paluch and dr. Justyna Knapik-Kowalczuk, co-founders of the company, is the key competitive advantage of the emerging business. The market on which the company operates is significant, as, according to estimates, about 45% of registered medicinal substances and 75% of those under development are defined as hard to solve or insoluble “- write the authors of the report. They also emphasize that the company generates revenues from the first year of operation.