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Poltreg presents preliminary results of the second phase of the clinical trial

July 20th, 2020


On June 12th-16th 2020 the eightieth, and – in connection with the pandemic – the first virtual – conference of the American Society of Diabetology took place. The conference is the largest diabetes meeting in the world – 12,500 participants visited it this year.


During the conference, the Poltreg team presented the preliminary results of the second phase clinical trials using T-regulatory lymphocytes. The study was conducted on a sample of 36 patients who were given two doses of Treg lymphocytes three months apart, and then their condition was monitored for two years. The results are very promising, especially for patients who were given anti-CD20 antibodies between lymphocyte doses. In the group of patients that received this treatment, the period of total insulin independence reached even 18 months, and the period of partial remission (in which the necessary doses of insulin were below 0.5 units per kilogram body weight) reached over 21 months.


The Polreg research project aims to develop effective methods to block the development of diabetes at an early stage, and stop the destruction of insulin-producing pancreatic islets. The study indicates that the combination of T-regulatory lymphocytes and anti-CD20 antibodies prolonged the most the survival of the pancreatic islets.