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Optimo Light UV-C sterilizer



Every day, Optimo Light successfully operates within visible light technology, specifically adaptive lighting systems, which measure the light intensity on work surfaces and adjust the intensity of lighting to the existing conditions. In this way, natural sunlight is only supplemented by artificial lighting to the minimal extent. Thanks to this solution, power consumption is minimized while ensuring optimal work comfort for users.

Recently, however, the company has expanded its offer beyond the visible light spectrum. Development works addressed higher frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, resulting in the introduction of a UV-C sterilizer. Due to the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus, consumer interest in the possibility of easy and effective disinfection has increased. Ultraviolet light is effective in destroying fungi, bacteria and viruses. A convenient sterilizer unit allows you to remove microorganisms and viruses from: food, work tools, shoes, face masks, keys, clothing, toys and many other products. Thanks to this, the device finds application both in households and various institutions – beauty, hairdressing, medical, pharmacies, food industry, offices and airports. The device is produced in two versions, differing in power: 9 W and 15 W. The results of laboratory efficiency tests are very promising – the more powerful version removes 99.9% of viruses in eight seconds.


More information about the new Optimo Light product can be found on the company’s website.