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Artificial intelligence algorithms supporting the diagnosis of rare diseases

Dec. 1st,  2020

Saventic Health is a medical technology company that creates artificial intelligence algorithms to support doctors in the diagnosis of rare diseases. The problem of diagnostics of rare and ultra-rare diseases remains one of the greatest challenges for almost all health care systems in the world. At the same time, it is an area that has been developing very dynamically in the recent years. Every year, new treatment options are created and numerous clinical trials are conducted.

A team of Saventic Health specialists acquires large medical databases, on the basis of which artificial intelligence algorithms are created to support doctors in the diagnosis of rare diseases. Algorithms analyze medical information in the patient’s electronic record, such as the results of laboratory and imaging tests, diagnoses, medications taken and other descriptive data (physical examinations, epicrisis, observations), and then indicate to doctors the suspicions of a specific rare disease together with justification and recommendations for further treatment.

INNOventure has joined the development and commercialization of Saventic Health soulution. The fund has recently made an investment in the company, providing it with the capital needed to further develop the product. The profile of Saventic Health activity fits perfectly with the INNOventure investment portfolio, which consists mostly of startups making ground-breaking inventions in the field of artificial intelligence and medical technologies.

INNOventure fund is not the only one that sees the great potential of the project. In the last year, Saventic Health was the laureate of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program (it was selected from among two hundred and fifty participants). It has also been selected to participate in one of the world’s best acceleration programs – Plug and Play Cleveland, where it will have the opportunity to test its algorithms in cooperation with corporate partners from the US.

More information on Saventic Heath can be found in our portfolio.