SDS Optic S.A.

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SDS Optic is growing and developing. The company, in which we invested in 2017, changed its legal form in May this year and became a public limited company. This will facilitate the acquisition of further financing rounds on foreign markets and the execution of strategy that includes going public. It will provide the company with financing for further development and commercialization of the microprobe for breast cancer diagnostics developed by the SDS Optic team, as well as for the acquisition of further advanced diagnostic technologies

The change of the legal form is aimed at increasing the company’s credibility and strengthening its image as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. For further dynamic development it is necessary to raise capital, which is why we are currently intensifying activities around a long-term strategy, under which we are considering the public issue of SDS Optic S.A. and entering one of the European public markets” – says Mateusz Sagan, Member of the Supervisory Board of SDS Optic S.A.

Currently, the SDS Optic team consists of over thirty specialists in biology, physics, chemistry, biomedical engineering and a qualified project team. Since 2018, the team has been working in its new research center in Lublin.

On November 7. 2019, you will have an opportunity to meet and to listen to Mateusz Sagan at the  Warsaw Stock Exchange. His lecture on medical devices in oncology will be held as part of the MEDmeetsTECH conference. The conference sessions will cover medicine, startups, technology transfer and financing of life science projects.