Neuromedical is testing their VGuard system

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Sept. 2nd, 2021

Neuromedical, a portfolio company of INNOventure, is developing a technology designed for transcutaneous stimulation of the vagus nerve during sleep, tailored to the needs of people suffering from impaired cognitive and memory processes due to Alzheimer’s disease. Developed by Neuromedical, the VGuard system is designed to be used in a home setting. Last year, at the time INNOventure made its investment, the project had completed its preclinical phase – animal studies and the first clinical trials on 30 patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging had been conducted.

The team is currently conducting an open call for volunteers to participate in the next phase of the project. They are looking for people in good general health (not suffering from chronic diseases) in three groups:

  • young adults (18-40 years old) who have developed memory or sleep problems,
  • middle-aged people (40-60 years of age) who are experiencing memory problems,
  • older adults (60+ ) with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Volunteers will take part in testing the VGuard system. A part of the system is a patient portal that manages patients and is used to administer memory tests. The device itself is a comfortable headband equipped with electrodes and a control system. The device is controlled via bluetooth from a specialized mobile application.

Volunteers, after undergoing verification and a medical and psychological consultation, receive training on how to use the device and can test it at home. Online psychological testing will verify the effectiveness of the system. The intended goal of the medical intervention is to improve memory, translating into increased comfort of life.

You (or a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or memory problems) can apply to the program through the Neuromedical website.