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*founder’s name. If applicable, also the partners, authors of the technology, team members – state their role in the project, competencies, experience and equity contribution (in cash or in kind).

*if the company has been already registered

*describe the technology. How does it differ favourably from technologies used to solve the same problem in your country and worldwide? What is the competitive advantage of your solution? How have you protected your intellectual property?

*how big is the market? Does it grow, stagnate of shrink? Name your competitors and the companies that sell the substitutes of your product. Compare their solutions to yours.

*what are the key success factors of the project? On what assumptions have you based your assessment of project attractiveness? How have you verified those assumptions?

*what are the potential ways to commercialize your R&D project? What will be the sources of income? How will you reach the customers? What is your sales and marketing plan? What will be the communication and distribution channels? How do you picture your relations with the stakeholders?

*what is the origin of the project? What works have you already done? What is the technology readiness level? What assets have you already acquired? How much time is needed to complete the R&D process and start the commercialization? What milestones have you defined in this process?

*what external and internal risks could result in project failure?

*what are the project expenses so far? How have you financed them? (In particular report any public funding the project has received)

*how much capital is needed? Is tranched investment acceptable? How will invested funds be used to increase project value? What is your initial investment proposal?