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Debnath Guharoy

POP TV (point of purchase TV) is a system of that enables advertising at points of sale – which is the place where most of customers in fact make purchasing decisions regarding FMCG. Its main elements are:

– screens placed in supermarkets,

– content management system,

– AI-based system for anonymized customer demographic traits recognition and matching the displayed content to those traits.

The display system allows you to display information and ads that are geographically relevant, i.e. referring to products in a given aisle. Using this system, you can direct the traffic of customers in the store, attracting them to selected places, showing them on which side of the aisle you can find a given product.

The content management system allows you to easily avoid many problems associated with traditional promotional campaigns at points of sale. It eliminates the need to physically deliver representatives or advertising materials to individual stores. Conducting promotional campaigns via the system does not require making arrangements with the store and subsequent individual financial settlements. Advertisers using the online platform can upload advertisements themselves (without having to adjust their standards to different technological solutions used by individual retail chains), choose settings regarding places and frequency of impressions. Another feature of the system is the generation of reports and the settlement of the campaigns. The system also generates data that enables precise campaign performance measurement (like calculating ROI).

Based on machine learning, the system of anonymized recognition of demographic traits and matching ads to those traits will enable precise reaching of campaign target groups, significantly increasing the effectiveness.

The company was founded in 2018. The president and founder is Debnath Guharoy, who has thirty years of managerial experience in Asian advertising agencies. Marcin Ratajczak (COO) brings managerial experience in the production and trade of FMCG. Piotr Kaźmierczak, as CTO and Bartłomiej Bartoszewicz, as UX Designer, complement the key project team with their extensive experience in the IT industry.

The research and development works focus on simplifying the device architecture, developing AI systems responsible for personalizing ads, and creating a convenient platform for content management and campaign settlement.