Open Routing

Witold Ferenc

The Open Routing company, based in Warsaw and Paris, is the idea of Witold Ferenc, whose experience includes establishment and development of Frisco.pl – one of the most popular online supermarkets offering food. Enterprises in this industry face many challenges related to supply logistics. Open Routing offers a solution in the form of a delivery management platform.

The Open Routing system is offered in the Software as a Service model. Its core consists of advanced VRP algorithms based on big data and machine learning, which are able to optimize delivery plans not only based on physical parameters such as route length or time, but also a number of business parameters. In the process of developing and optimizing the system, emphasis was placed on its economic efficiency. The second of the important features of the solution is its speed. System construction and selection of algorithms were carried out with the assumption that they must operate in real time. With those goals in mind, the core of the system was built, which enables many extremely useful functions:
– enables customers buying food products via the Internet to more flexibly adapt delivery time to their needs and preferences, which eliminates one of the significant inconveniences of online shopping,
– the possibility of delivery in the time chosen by the customer is calculated in real time, using the data on traffic,
– delivery routes are also adjusted in real time,
– delivery times are made available to the ordering customers, taking into account business parameters of the order, such as its value, profitability or delivery costs, which improves the economic results of online stores using the system,
– automatic calculation of loads, preventing exceeding the maximum weight of vans,
– in order to maximize the efficiency of deliveries and eliminate mistakes, the data is delivered to drivers on an ongoing basis via the mobile application,
– detection and prevention of delays in deliveries,
– the system analyzes the data enabling the optimization of the fleet and the number of drivers in a way that does not jeopardize the timeliness of deliveries.

The original research and development works conducted as part of the Open Routing project are concentrated in several areas:
– development and testing of algorithms with overlapping delivery windows,
– optimization of algorithms for use in a routing engine operating in real time,
– development and testing of algorithms with flexible delivery windows,
– development of a machine-based mechanism of prediction of orders.

Thanks to the proprietary solutions, the Open Routing system is able to increase the efficiency of deliveries by about 20%, while reducing their cost by about 15%.