Year 2018 in SiDLY

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The SiDLY brand draws interest of doctors. The president of the company, Edyta Kocyk, was invited to give lectures at conferences and workshops: eHealth at the Medical University of Warsaw (Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny), “Practical use of telemedicine solutions” organized by the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrze (Śląskie Centrum Chorób Serca w Zabrzu) and the Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia (Śląski Park Technologii Medycznych Kardio-Med Silesia), conference “Modern technologies in the care of seniors “, the panel “Smartcare, or how to care for the health and quality of life of residents? “as part of the Mazovian Development Forum (Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza).

Further implementations of SiDLY telemedicine care systems are being carried out. SiDLY technology, consisting of armbands and a telemedicine support platform, was chosen to be implemented in the care of over one hundred and thirty lone and dependent persons from Starachowice. The municipality of Radom also joined the SiDLY client list.

Thinking about the development and constant expansion, SiDLY joined two chambers of commerce: British Polish Chamber of Commerce and Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce. In line with the company’s strategy, 2018 was for SiDLY a year of expansion on foreign markets, in particular Italian, Danish, Spanish and Belgian. In the current year, sales on foreign markets amounted to about 30% of the company’s total revenue. The SiDLY headband is the only wristband in Poland and the first in Europe, dedicated to telecare, which has the certificate of a safe medical device. It meets nineteen European standards and throughout the European Union has been recognized as a medical product that can be used by a doctor in the diagnosis and therapy process.

In May, the president of SiDLY, Edyta Kocyk, was chosen the European CEO of the Year. The awards were presented during the European Leadership Awards gala, which distinguishes outstanding achievements in business, politics, entrepreneurship and innovation.


In addition to the reward received, the reasons for joy are provided by the information about patients whose lives have been saved by SiDLY armband. For example, Mrs. Irena – one of the clients of the “Mecenat” Care Home in Płock. She is 81 years old, has hypertension, lives alone and uses the SiDLY Care telemedicine and the Silver CRS system. The carer visits Mrs. Irena twice a week, while she has access to a platform monitoring the parameters of her client every day. Thanks to this, when the system registered for Irena the “SOS” event, an immediate reaction was possible. The efficient transmission of information made it possible to call an ambulance in due time, which undoubtedly saved the life of Mrs. Irena. In the hospital, the doctor stated the suspicion of a stroke, but the dangerous situation ended only with a small paresis of the right hand.