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We’re looking for good ideas at KOKOS

The main goal of KOKOS is to select the best design engineers among Polish students. Why did INNOventure look at students’ ideas?
– This type of event is where ingenious people congregate, we know it perfectly well. At a similar event, we met Husarion – today our portfolio company that achieves international success – says Marcin Bielówka, president of INNOventure.
INNOventure selected from over 20 projects, which according to analysts has the largest business potential. The chosen one is Smart Sensor Grid, which is a project of wireless sensor network, which serves to increase the safety and efficiency of people working in difficult conditions (firemen, policemen, rescuers, miners). What determined the choice?
– We liked the way the creators approached the topic. When designing Smart Grid, they listened to the conversations of friends doing such work, and the main goal was to design a device that helps solve their problems – adds Marcin Bielówka.
KOKOS was also accompanied by the conference “Young Scientists’ Innovative Ideas: Science-Startup-Industry”. During his presentation, Marcin Bielówka presented the INNOventure activity and explained how, thanks to cooperation with the fund, knowledge and effects of science and research can be changed into shares or stocks.
INNOventure is looking for good ideas at student events of this type, but the main goal is to establish cooperation with scientists, PhD students, graduates with their own innovative idea, but also with experienced business developers and investors wanting to participate in new projects with a large market potential.