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We give our recognition to young scientists

On September 24, we actively participated in the Krakow Conference of Young Scientists. The president of INNOventure, Marcin Bielówka gave a presentation and together with other representatives of the fund chose two of the most promising projects of young scientists.
– We have carefully watched the presented research projects in various fields and two of them have been awarded distinctions – says Leszek Skowron, Business Development Manager at INNOventure. – We appreciated Agata Krakowska from AGH and Artur Ściana and Damian Krzesimowski from the Kielce University of Technology.
The first of the highlighted projects concerns the optimization of human absorption of minerals, such as magnesium, iron or zinc, through the use of cultivated mushrooms as a matrix transporting them to the body. The author of the research on this phenomenon is Agata Krakowska from AGH.
– We imagine that in shops of the future, instead of poorly absorbable supplements in tablets, we will put into our shopping-carts health-promoting mushrooms grown according to Agata’s recipe  – adds Leszek Skowron.
The second team of scientists who has been chosen is the duo of Artur Ściana and Damian Krzesimowski from the Kielce University of Technology.
– Gentlemen showed a number of interesting solutions: from the application of the Stirling engine to innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. We have appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of research interests and the extremely entrepreneurial approach of this team – explains Leszek Skowron.
INNOventure was a partner of the 10th Krakow Conference of Young Scientists. Two highlighted projects will be invited to submitted for funding. The choice criterion was the ingenuity of the proposed solutions, which gives a chance for their commercial success. These is the kind of projects that INNOventure is looking for.