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We are investing in Altlight

Nobody in the world needs seven millimeter chrome vanadium drill bits with a carbide tip. Some people may need a seven-millimeter hole in their wall. This obvious truth that customers buy not so much a product, but its usefulness, is easy to forget, especially if you are a technology enthusiast and you are developing a highly innovative solution. The Krakow-based company Altlight, designing the next elements of its home management system, remembers that it is not only enthusiasts of programmable controllers, but also users less interested in technology, who will use it. Altlight is a project created by Kamil Sumera, Piotr Lebryk and Marcin Dudek, who are involved with one of Krakow’s product development agencies. Their mission is to improve the daily lives of building users.
The company has set itself the goal of simplifying smart home technologies. The great advantage of Altlight solutions is the option of modular products easy to connect with each other and easy to install. A great benefit from the user’s point of view is the ability to control the system from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. It is the user’s mobile device that fulfills the function of the controller and sets the appropriate device parameters. Such ease of use significantly affects everyday functioning and use.

Such a high user-friendliness requires very advanced technological solutions. The system is based on Bluetooth and Thread interfaces. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth Mesh, it offers a greater communication range, less energy consumption and faster connection between devices. The system is additionally equipped with a technology that allows the measurement of various energy parameters in each socket and the identification of devices plugged into the socket.
Altlight portfolio includes various smart products: socket, light switch, plug (which allows to remotely disconnect the device from electricity) and elements of the access control system – intelligent lock and a sensor which enables to monitor who and when used the room. The range of devices is complemented by a smart lighting system based on the Mesh network, which helps to save energy and allows you to create your own light scenery in the room. Ultimately, the Altlight portfolio will also include remote readout systems for gas and electricity meters.
INNOventure sees great opportunities in the intensely expanding home automation market. However, we have been convinced to invest in Altlight because of their approach to the devices and to their users. Simplifying smart home technology can translate into further increase in its popularity.
Altlight will use financial support from us mainly for research and development towards the manufacturing of production versions of the basic range of devices from the product line. The company will also start to work on providing users with the possibility of remote device management through an access point in the cloud.