Unicorn Hub is recruiting for the seventh round of its incubation program

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Sept. 26th, 2021

Only until September 30th, the startup platform Unicorn Hub is accepting applications for the seventh round of its incubation program. The platform supports the development of projects, especially from the following industries: IT/ICT, transport, smart city, public health and medicine. Startups, supported by dedicated incubation managers, participate in a program lasting up to four months. From the offer of 45 industry specialists they choose the package of services they need, including, among others, verification of the idea, refining business models, evaluation of financing possibilities and other services necessary to develop a product prototype. After completing participation in the incubation program, the selected innovative enterprises have a chance, under sub-measure 1.1.2 Development of startups in Eastern Poland, to obtain a grant for launching the product on the domestic or foreign market. The Unicorn Hub platform was established in 2018 as an initiative of INNOventure, under sub-measure 1.1.1 Startup platforms for new ideas.

In the six editions of the project so far, 201 companies have participated (selected from a group of 1050 candidates). Among them, 88 have applied for funding under the program for the development of startups in Eastern Poland and 56 have received it. In total, the companies incubated by Unicorn Hub have received nearly 49 million PLN in funding.

There are too many great projects to list and discuss them all, but it is worth taking a look at at least a few of them. Intelicar is a virtual solution for training and testing artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles. The system simulates: the urban environment, the operation of individual automotive components, and the way the environment is perceived by the sensor system (whether laser-based, as in Toyota vehicles, or camera-based, as in Tesla cars). The Intelicar system can create a simulation based on an actual map and feed it with traffic event scenarios. In this way, to test how a given AI equipped with a given set of sensors will react to, for example, an unindicated lane change at a roundabout, it is not necessary to send a real autonomous car to a real roundabout. This makes the process of training and testing artificial intelligence fast, cheap and safe.
Powerice offers artisan ice cream shops vegan ice cream making packages based on pumpkin, lupin and hemp proteins. This makes it easy for ice cream shops to introduce products aimed at vegans, people with lactose intolerance and milk protein allergies, athletes and those looking for new, tasty flavors. In addition, the production of ice cream from Powerice components is simple, as they are designed to eliminate the possibility of mistakes in the process.

Vocaly Pro aids voice training. The artificial intelligence-based solution analyzes the voice and based on this analysis offers a personalized set of vocal exercises and supervises in real time their performance in a correct, effective and safe manner. After a training session, the system discusses it and, indicating the observed progress, motivates the practitioner to systematic work.

AI Estimo Software offers software development companies the Apropo – a proposal automation system. Thanks to it, project valuation can be carried out four times faster than by traditional methods, at a lower cost, and in a manner that is much less labor-intensive for programmers. The system boosts sales not only by supporting the creation of more relevant offers within more competitive deadlines, but also thanks to a module for tracking customer reactions to submitted proposals.

These are just four selected projects incubated at UnicornHub and successfully funded. However, the platform can boast success in developing projects in the fields of (among others): transcranial measurement of brain activity for attention training, peptide drug design, digital footprint management, supporting diagnostic imaging with AI solutions, automatic recognition of emotions in text, stage automation, illustrating business presentations, shooting training, knee joint rehabilitation, agricultural automation, supporting rehabilitation after strokes and brain injuries, optimizing transportation orders, and isolating and multiplying autologous fibroblasts.