Sky Engine raises $1.2 million

Aug. 28th, 2021

Sky Engine operates a SaaS a platform for AI training based on synthetic image data, which minimizes time and cost while providing higher inference accuracy. Using synthetic data reduces the need to acquire real-world data, and to manually classify and label it. The platform can also simulate visible light, infrared, radar, lidar or thermal imaging data. Sky Engine technology has already found applications in medicine, sports, agriculture, crowd analysis for public safety and in vehicle inspection. The company is a part of INNOventure investment portfolio since 2020.

On August 24th, the company announced it raised a $1.2 million funding round from Movens Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds. Movens Capital is a Polish VC fund managing approximately EUR 14 million, specializing in technology startups in the international expansion phase. High-Tech Gründerfonds is a German fund with fifteen years of experience, managing EUR 895 million. The fund has made more than 600 investments and more than 130 exits.