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SiDLY telemedicine system at the heart of the PZU Życie and the Ministry of Health program



A joint project of PZU Życie and the Ministry of Health “Opaska dla życia” (“Band for life”) is currently starting in the Emergency Room of the Mazowieckie Voivodship Hospital in Siedlce. Each patient admitted to the ward will receive a band monitoring basic life functions and location of the patient, as well as warning about dangerous situations such as falling. Thanks to this solution, patient safety will be increased, as ER staff will be able to act faster and more precisely in life-threatening situations. The project was announced on October 8th by representatives of PZU and the Ministry of Health during Congress 590 in Jasionka.

The project is a part of the PZU social strategy “# 10years” announced in June. The strategy includes initiatives on the safety of drivers and pedestrians and on health (free medical examinations and consultations). The “Opaska dla życia” program, implemented as part of the “# 10thlater” strategy, is the first large-scale hi-tech telemedicine program in the Polish healthcare with the involvement of non-public funds. The pilot project was financed by the PZU prevention fund.

The implementation in Siedlce is a pilot. The program will be extended to other healthcare facilities. The scope of care will also expand – patients will remain under the care of the telemedical system also after being discharged (as reported by RynekZdrowia.pl).

Watch a film presenting the project

We would like to draw the attention of the less perceptive viewers to the equipment shown in the advertisement. And less attentive listeners – to the list of system functionalities provided by Mr. Piotr Daniluk, Medical Director of TUW PZUW. Yes – SiDLY technologies are the heart of the implemented system. And yes – SiDLY equipment has gained new functionality: the ability to measure blood saturation. For both these reasons, we are happy and we would like to congratulate SiDLY.