SiDLY telemedical system

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In the current crisis – the CoViD-19 pandemic and the epidemic emergency situation in Poland – the SiDLY telecare system shows its advantages. Last week, the first patient under home quarantine was monitored using the SiDLY telecare system. The system has proven itself useful not only at home, but also in hospital. On March 11, a team of rescuers received an SOS signal from another user of the SiDLY telemedicine armband. The symptoms that the patient experienced were severe shortness of breath and persistent breathing difficulties. Immediate intervention by paramedics and in-depth diagnostics were necessary. Fortunately, the patient was not diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. However, especially in the elderly, such symptoms must not be underestimated.

In connection with the spread of the virus, the use of technology to protect human health and life should be maximized. The use of telemedicine bands, in accordance with the recommendation of the Provincial Consultant in the field of epidemiology, allows:

– limiting the spread of coronavirus by telemedical supervision over quarantined persons: preventing them from moving outside a specific safety zone and monitoring their current health situation, in particular parameters such as temperature, heart rate and saturation,

– improving the efficiency and increasing the safety of medical staff in infectious wards and in isolation rooms – thanks to the use of a telemedicine band, there is no need for continuous measurements by medical staff and for contact with patients, as the band automatically and regularly measures the vital data, then sends it to the telemedicine platform.

– substitution of measuring equipment used in isolation rooms, which may be in shortage in the event of an epidemic,

– monitoring the health condition of seniors – people at the higer risk of developing the disease, in order to take an immediate response to detected drops in saturation.

The telemedicine band is a medical product that enables remote monitoring of vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, saturation and location. All data is sent through the platform on an ongoing basis to the rescuers in the call center or internally in the medical unit. To date, over 4,000 people have already been covered by telecare using SiDLY telemedicine bands. On average, the call center sends about 20 ambulances a week saving human health. SiDLY telecare is a medical technology created by a Polish team, led by Edyta Kocyk. INNOventure supports project development since 2017.