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SiDLY establishes new important collaborations

August 26th, 2020

In recent months SiDLY, a provider of telemedicine equipment and services, has established cooperation with several important partners. As we at INNOventure believe in the important positive role of extensive business ecosystems, we are pleased that our portfolio company is growing its cooperation network.

During a pandemic, it is of utmost importance to increase the safety of patients and medical staff, and the efficiency of hospitals. Hence, SiDLY is currently working intensively on the implementation of its telemedicine system in hospitals. The system ensures continuous automatic monitoring of key parameters of patients while minimizing contacts, and thus the possibility of infection. As hospitals do not always have adequate financial resources to carry out the implementation, SiDLY cooperates with sponsors. An example is the implementation of the system in a hospital in Dębica, financed by local companies – Arkus & Romet Group and Darco.

A pandemic is also a time to minimize interpersonal contacts, especially those with the high risk of infection. UPacjeta.pl follows this trend – it is a company that provides medical services at the patient’s home, such as blood sampling, nursing visits, and offers specialist online consultations. In July, SiDLY and uPacjenta.pl established cooperation, combining their offers into a promotional package.

SiDLY has also established cooperation with PZU. As part of the PZU Group‘s preventive project “Opaska życia” (“The band of life”), the SiDLY technology will be implemented in selected hospitals. The three-month pilot program has confirmed the quality of SiDLY solutions and the companies have signed a contract for the supply of telemedicine equipment and platform, as well as the provision of services related to the operation of the system.

Recently, SiDLY has also started cooperation with Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft for Startups program, aimed at companies offering solutions to facilitate the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to this cooperation, Microsoft will support SiDLY in the development of technology, and SiDLY will integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud, ensuring the highest level of data security for its users and gaining enormous opportunities for scaling the system.