RevDeBug ‘black box’ introduced in Lux Med

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Apr. 3rd, 2022

Healthcare is one of the industries where the security and reliability of computer systems are particularly important. Therefore, Lux Med, the leader of private medical care in Poland, since 2021 has been test-implementing RevDeBug solution, which enables monitoring and recording of software operation, quick detection of errors in the code and their immediate elimination. With RevDeBug technology, the programmer not only receives a record of the system state at the time of the failure, but also an analysis indicating the specific part of the program responsible for the error. This radically speeds up the software development process and shortens the debugging. In the first quarter of 2022, after a successful test implementation, Lux Med purchased RevDeBug solution, which will allow to increase the level of patient service. Lux Med has thus joined the company’s customer base, which includes Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych (Polish Security Printing Works), Santander Bank, PZU, Funding Box, Ericsson, Rossman.

Recently RevDeBug, a portfolio company of INNOventure, has undergone a number of internal changes. In September 2021 the company raised another investment round in the amount of PLN 10 million. The main investor is Adam Rudowski, founder and long-term president of Veracomp (currently operating under the brand Exclusive Networks Poland), a leading distributor of IT solutions.

At the beginning of 2022 the Management Board of the company was strengthened with very experienced new members. The position of president was taken by Marek Szmigiel (former sales director in Vector Solutions and GTS Poland). Łukasz Kędziora (former CFO at Laude Smart Intermodal, ATS and CEO at Pro Agro) has become vice president/CFO, and Călin Mureşan (former sales manager at Netguru) has become sales director. The founder and former CEO, Tomasz Kruszewski, has taken a seat on the supervisory board.