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Optical Electronics and Budimex awarded the New Impulse 2018

The idea of ​​the “Nowe Impulsy” project is to recognise those who implement new ideas and take pioneering actions in the field of energy industry. The awards were presented during the gala accompanying the New Industry Expo (26th-28th September). The jury appreciated the companies Budimex and Optical Electronics for an efficient, intelligent building lighting system. The OptiMo system has been developed by Optical Electronics, and Budimex, as part of its “Budimex Innovations” program, recently conducted its tests at its headquarters. Under real operating conditions, the system has brought savings of 70% in energy consumption and improved the comfort of work in the opinion of the employees using it. (More information about system tests)
– We have decided to distinguish projects, investments and other undertakings, modernizing our energy industry, guided by the idea of ​​sustainable development while raising economic indicators. We were interested in: technologies, installations, devices and systems enabling better management of energy consumption, improving distribution and transmission, serving stability of supply and security, supporting energy market mechanisms – said Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP group, organizer of the New Industry Expo – A diverse set of winners says a lot about how the Polish energy industry takes part in the current of dynamic transformations of the modern energy world – he concluded.
The New Industry Expo (September 26-28) is the largest conference and trade event dedicated to the idea of ​​Industry 4.0. For three days there are discussions concerning the applications of new digital technologies in such various fields as: transport and motoring, metallurgy and chemistry, energy and mining industry, but also medicine and waste management. The wider context for Industry 4.0 will create debates about the specialist labor market, engineering education and foreign expansion of Polish companies. The agenda of the event includes several dozen sessions and workshops, presentations and accompanying events, like, organized for 15 years (so far in Warsaw) Congress of New Industry dedicated to energy, a mining conference that takes place for over a decade, and the European Technology Forum.
More information about the event on the New Industry Expo website.