Open Routing attracts a new investor and changes its name to OpenApp

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Apr. 21st, 2021

Open Routing, the INNOventure portfolio company, is the operator of a logistics platform for managing deliveries on the e-grocery market. Thanks to advanced machine learning mechanisms, the platform allows you to optimize logistics efficiency at a level that significantly exceeds its competitors. The platform is used by leading players on the Polish e-grocery market, such as Recently, a new product has appeared in the company’s offer – the checkout system, which, thanks to removing the need for the customer to enter their data, reduces the ordering time to 10 seconds – even when making the first purchase in a given store. Both solutions are available as separate products, but they can also work together to use shared data more efficiently.

“This is a completely new approach to checkout based on a mobile application, which revolutionarily simplifies online shopping. We were all tired of constantly entering the same data in the forms, so we found a way to practically eliminate the checkout for the consumer in the most intuitive way possible” – explains Witold Ferenc, CEO.

On April 14th, 2021, the company concluded an investment agreement with JR Holding ASI S.A. – a company listed on the NewConnect market, focusing on investment activities in the sectors of digital business, renewable energy sources, computer games, medicine and biotechnology. Under the agreement, JRH will take up part of the company’s shares for PLN 5,000,000. The investment will allow for the further development of the platform and its wide implementation, from now on under the name OpenApp.