New investments by INNOventure

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Jan. 28th, 2022

The turn of 2021-22 was a busy but fruitful time for INNOventure. The fund invested in two projects – Phonemic and DigitalFirst.AI. Interestingly – both companies have undergone incubation in the Eastern Poland Startup Platforms: Phonemic in Unicorn Hub Startup Platform (of which INNOventure is the originator and partner), and DigitalFirst.AI in Start In Podkarpackie.

Phonemic creates chip components for IoT devices that minimize the power consumption. This is an extremely important feature of chips used in battery-powered devices. The company currently offers a VAD (Voice Activity Detection) system that allows voice-controlled devices to reduce standby power consumption by up to 100 times.

DigitalFirst.AI automates the process of defining and implementing digital marketing strategies. Based on a company profile, the system automatically creates a proposal of marketing tactics aimed at optimizing the sales funnel. It also offers extensive automation of operational processes in this area – creation of webpages, text materials and graphics.