We are investing in Open Routing

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The Polish online grocery market is growing at a rate of around 15-20% per year. For shops offering this type of services this is obviously good news, but also a challenge. They have to make deliveries quickly, efficiently and cheaply, at the same time deal with the shortage of drivers on the Polish transportation market.

Soon solving these problems will be much easier thanks to Open Routing company and its delivery planning system, operating in the Software as a Service model and using artificial intelligence. The Open Routing platform allows, among other things, flexible scheduling of delivery time windows, real-time route setting, fleet optimization, delay detection and prevention. The application of the system means for the online grocery store cost savings of up to 15% while increasing the number of deliveries by 20%, with a constant number of cars and drivers. Currently, Open Routing is refining its system and planning development on the Polish market and in the selected European countries.

And this is where INNOventure comes in. Recognizing the potential of the market and the quality of the solution, we have just invested in the development of the Open Routing project.

More information about the company in our portfolio entry.