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INNOventure and SPIN-US together for the business and science sector

On December 8th, the INNOventure fund and a special-purpose company of the Uniwersytet Śląski (University of Silesia) – SPIN-US signed a cooperation agreement. The main goal of both companies will be to support innovative projects created on the basis of knowledge, education, research and development activities, so that the technologies emerging at the university have a chance to change into products and services appreciated by customers.

The signed agreement is expected to result in joint projects, ventures at the cooperation between science and business.
– The main impulse for growth in the economy are innovations based on a solid research and development foundation – says Marcin Bielówka, president of INNOventure. – Our fund is looking for such projects at Polish universities. We hope that SPIN-US will help us to identify the most interesting research results at the University of Silesia. We, in turn, thanks to our rich experience, will help to commercialize them, support the spin-offs that are created on their basis and finance them.
INNOventure and SPIN-US will undertake activities aimed at developing and improving innovative solutions with implementation potential. The companies also focus on the exchange of market, technological and financial information, the aim of which is to create and support young companies.
– Our common goal is to promote and support business initiatives undertaken by students, PhD students, academics and graduates of the University of Silesia – says Katarzyna Papież-Pawełczak, president of SPIN-US. – We are very happy with the partnership with the INNOventure fund. It is well known that the combination of experience in the same field of interest brings measurable benefits.

The main task of SPIN-US will be to monitor what is happening in laboratories, to identify projects with the highest potential and to provide a transparent commercialization path that enables newly-formed companies to secure the intellectual property rights and get the involvement of specialists in a given field.
The INNOventure fund, in turn, will focus on providing financing and supplementing it with people with business competences.
– In a team where we have the technology, the right people and the funds, the chances of commercial success increase significantly – sums up Marcin Bielówka.
SPIN-US Sp. z o.o. is a special purpose company of the University of Silesia. The main direction of SPIN-US’s activities is the commercialization of the results of scientific research, development works and technologies created at the University of Silesia and the transfer of knowledge from the university to the economy in order to build cooperation between science and business.