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Good news about OptiMo

As part of the “Budimex Innowacje” project, the Polish giant of the construction industry conducted in its own office two-month tests of intelligent lighting fittings designed and manufactured by Optical Electronics.
The concept of intelligent lighting system reacting to the existing sunlight and users’ needs was checked in the office building that houses the headquarters of Budimex. A lighting installation consisting of LED lamps with identical light color and power supply was installed. Half of the lighting system was equipped with OptiMo sensors, which detect motion in the rooms, calculate the users’ demand for light, then check the level of natural light and, if necessary, illuminate the room to a level that provides users with comfortable working conditions. The tests were aimed at checking whether the system will actually provide comfort and energy savings in full-scale, actual operating conditions, not only in theory or in laboratory conditions.
The results of the two-month implementation confirmed that the system provides all expected benefits to an extent even higher than expected. In real conditions, the use of OptiMo sockets has allowed the reduction of electricity consumption by 70%, which entails enormous financial as well as ecological benefits. What’s more, rooms equipped with the system created by Optical Electronics offered increased comfort of work. Budimex employees praise the solution as improving the well-being in the workplace.
Optical Electronics is one of the companies in our investment portfolio.