Exon expand their offer



To date, Exon is mainly known for its Synati product line, that is an IoT solution related to controlling traffic in stores. The Synati system allows stores to count customers, trace their movement within the store and recognize transactions, which gives a number of optimization and analytical options: determining conversion rates, estimating interest in specific goods, adapting staff to repetitive fluctuations in the number of customers at different times of the day.


Currently, the company has expanded its offer.  is the world’s first intelligent LED strip with a built-in Wi-Fi driver, allowing full control via a mobile application. The technology allows you to control, without any additional hardware controllers, the LED strip, parts of it, or individual pixels, in the range of 16 million colors. This allows you to easily, accurately and dynamically control lighting at home or, for example, at a retail outlet.


Fayree  is an apartment automation system designed for the seniors. It consists of several types of interconnected components: SOS buttons, motion sensors, smart sockets, smart buttons and door sensors. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can create a huge number of functionalities tailored to the needs of a particular person, for example: when the user gets out of bed – turn on the light, if the user opens the front door or enters a room that is not safe for him – notify the guardian via SMS.


Leon Smart Lock is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) lock, designed for use in hotels and office buildings. It allows you to easily assign access rights to specific parts of the building and determine the position of people inside. This makes it possible to implement various functionalities, such as creating virtual building maps and facilitating navigation, which allows, for example, to automatically lead a hotel guest to his room.


Exon also provides full R&D services – developing products based on IoT technology, from design, through prototyping, development of controls and software, to organization of production of final devices.