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Cooperation with the Cracow University of Technology

We have signed a cooperation agreement with INTECH PK – a special purpose company of the Politechnika Krakowska (Cracow University of Technology), which conducts the commercialization of research and development results, managing the intellectual property rights entrusted to it by the university.
In the case of the establishment of spin-offs, INTECH PK takes up shares in exchange for a cash contribution or contribution of intellectual property rights made at the university. An example of this is the Alsitech company, whose shareholders are technology creators who are also employees of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology.
The role of INNOventure is co-financing research and development projects in the early stages of development, so that they become attractive to venture capital investors. In practice, it is not possible to achieve this goal without close cooperation with institutions such as INTECH PK. The university’s special purpose companies are able to identify the emerging breakthrough technologies there. Then, together with entrepreneurs and investors, they establish spin-off companies that will turn technologies into products and services that are going to not only change the world for the better, but also for which customers will be willing to pay. And all of this should be done in a manner that secures the interests of university and scientists.
We believe that through joint ventures, we will launch many world-changing products and services.