ARAHUB is growing its network

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Audience research and analysis box (ARABOX) is a device designed to recognize the audience of DOOH (digital out of home) advertising, which enables personalization and analysis of the size and characteristics of the audience, analysis of advertising effectiveness and settlements between advertisers and media owners based on actual audience reach. ARABOX creates a portrait of the audience, including counting the number of people moving in a given space, predicting the direction of movement of particular people, determining the demographic profile of the audience (age, gender) and identifying the mood and interests of the audience. The ARA platform enables programmatric DOOH, offers advertisers the possibility of targeting ads to a defined group of recipients, enables measuring the reach of the campaign and counting the number of recipients of the medium, offers comfortable management and visual presentation of campaign statistics, as well as easy integration with the Samsung MagicInfo system. ARAHUB, the designer and operator of ARABOX devices, is a portfolio company of INNOventure.

The project is currently in the intensive deployment phase. ARABOX solutions are already used by: Jet Line (60 ARABOXes), Samsung Electronics, Clear Channel Outdoor, AMS, Warexpo, Ströer, Warsaw School of Economics. The devices operate in Warsaw, Kraków, Trójmiasto, Poznań and Wrocław, serving customers in showrooms, shopping malls and on the streets.

The system is also the subject of scientific studies. The details of the solution wre presented in the article: Ludziejewski J., Grad Ł., Przebinda Ł., Tajmajer T., Integrated Human Tracking Based on Video and Smartphone Signal Processing within the Arahub System, published at the 2020 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems.